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I love CVS!


The Physicians Formula deal couldn’t have come at a better time. I definetly took advantage of the deal and stocked up on make-up. In this trip I got a total of 47 items ( the photo only has 46 items since one piece was a candy bar that I assure you was long gone before I took this photo lol ). Retail value for my items was $400.10. I paid a total of $41.40 but got back three $10 gas cards. So the way I see it I paid $11.40 out of pocket for this trip. I believe that works out to be a 97.15% savings :) :) :) I split this up so that i could use the $8ecb I received from buying the 4 Nivea tins( this is worked in my totals) Happy Couponing! I assure you no shelves were cleared I visited 10 different cvs stores

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