Bought two tied for $5.38 each, bought one 16 roll pack of Charmin on sale for $9.99 each, Bought three Pantene shampoo and conditioners on sale for three for $12. Bought 4 VO5 shampoo and conditioners on sale for two for $1.50,bought one Colgate mouthwash for $5.49, one crest 3-D mouthwash for $4.99, Bought one Colgate toothbrush for $3.49. Used 2 $2 off tide coupons, used two .50 off coupons off 2 Vo5, Used one .25 charmin, one $1.25 on crest 3D luxe mouthwash. And one $2.00 off Colgate mouthwash. (all manufacture coupons) Then I used One 2 dollar off Colgate mouthwash CVS coupon, five dollars just for you from the app, five dollars off $15 just for you CVS coupon. Three dollars off $15 shampoo,A two dollar off three pan teen CVS coupon. You was $17 in extra bucks. Grand total out-of-pocket $11.04 and got $14 back in extra bucks! That’s a $2.96 money maker!! I love CVS!


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Actually when you use more ebs to pay than you earn back you’re not suppose to count those towards if it’s a moneymaker or not. You subtract the number of ebs you actually lost and go from there.