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I think I finally figured it out!


Went to Wags, 4 transactions (I think the checkout guy has a crush on me) Total was 85.63, paid 24.21 and got $9.00 RR. $15.51 OOP!!!!!   Then went to CVS, 2 transactions total was $122.00, paid $24.21 and got $12.00 EB and a $10.00 gas card, total OOP $2.21!!!!! Yay!!!   At CVS I did the gascard deal with biore BOGO and Dawn dishsoap,did the Gillette one mens and one womens- it worked to get the 10.00 EB and had a BOGO for Gilette, also bought Finesse mousse 2.99 get 2.00 eb and a bunch of EB I had. Also  did the Crest BOGO and got 5.00 EB.   Wags was more complicated, still new to this. The guy basically did the tranactions for me but I was able to get gillette fusion deal and used the BOGO( the one with the orange border) to score 2 free Mach 3.

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