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I was suprised when i was told the total of grocery billl


I did so good today im soo happy its very late at night let me know if you need more info on items posted.

What i got

5 oscar mayer lunch meat
reg.7.45 for 5
sale 4.95 (.99C each)
00p 4.95 got 4 dollars catalina ;0)

2 dole juice
reg.6.98 for 2
sale 2 for $5
coupons used (2) 1/1 dole juice=$2
oop=$3 for 2 (i was happy cause its my husband favorite juice)

reg. 99C
coupons used .50/1 store double
so it was FREE

lucerne feta cheese
sale 2.50
coupon .75c off store coupon loaded to card

6 oikos yogurt
reg. 8.38 for 6 (1.34 each)
sale for $6 for 6 (1 dollar each)
coupons used (3) .50C/2 store doble first coupon so =$2
00P=4.00 for all 6

2 Horizon Milk i was trilled this milk is so expensive but its the only one we would drink

REG. 9.18 for (2) 1/2 gallon milk
coupons used= i loaded a store coupon from to make them 2.79 each (a total bargain)
oop=$5.58 for 2 ;0)

to save even more on the milk you can go to horizons web page and print .55C/1 coupon. i just couldn’t cause i reach the max. allowed per month.

2 foster farm strips chicken
reg.8.38 for 2
sale=bogo 4.19 for 2
coupons used=.55/1 peelie than store double to $1
oop=3.19 for 2 (about $1.60 for each)

4 kellogs nutrigrains
reg. 15.96 for 4 boxes
sale 11.96 (2.99 each)
coupons used-store coupon loaded to card to make them 1.99 a box. and (2) 1.99/2 coupons

oop=5.96 for 4 boxes

(3) fresh express salads
reg. 10.67 for 3 bags
sale- $5.05
(2) .88C each the limit was two
(1) for 3.29
i had to buy anotherone at regular price in order to used coupon, cashier told me coupon could not exceed the amount on items. i did not had the energy to start giving coupon policy lessons so i grab another bag for 3.29

oop=3.05 for all 3 bags. ;0)

2 kraft dressings now this was a great deal
reg. 7.98 for 2
sale 2 for $5 dollars
coupons used= store coupon i loaded to vons card
than made them .97C each plus i used a manufacturer coupon for $1/2

oop: .94c for both ;0)

coffee mate
reg. 2.99
sale 2.29
coupons=.50C coupon than store double to $1

Regular price for all of this $81.60
special and store coupons=45.70
with coupons in the mix=33.71 oop and 4 catalina for next purchase. :0)

i hope this is not confusing to anybody.
THERE is a june promotion going on at vons that if you buy $40 dollars in participating dairy products you get 2 movie tickets for free. now im not sure which ones are participating i found out cause at the bottom of my receipt it said i had 2.29 out of 40 to earn movie tickets so i believe those 2.29 are from the lucerne cheese i bought. i will found out more about it.

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