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I’m back just not full throttle!!


So I’ve taken a break from extreme couponing and just rolling my EB on lil items. This week with CVS coupon machine I really couldn’t pass up the razors & P&G deals. I must say it was really nice buying girly razors instead of the mens (which I did last week) Todays trip $85.26 but OOP was 14.73. I do believe this was the biggest trip I’ve done. The screen that I could see said $90 something thats when I started to shake a little!!! I was so happy watching that total go way down!! WOO

Pop 4/$15.00
Bounty $9.99
Hair dye $5.99(3)= $17.97
Gain $.99(3)= $2.97
Razors 12.49(2)= $24.98
Razor 6.24(2)=$12.48
Sally Hansen polish 1.87 (not picture)
Total $85.26 (Razors b1g1 50%)

Coupons $53.98
Gain .50 (3)=1.50
Hair Dye 2.00(3)=6.00
Razor (2)B1G1Free 12.49=24.98
Razor (2)2.00= 4.00
Sally Nail polish= .50
Bounty 1.00
CVS 2.00 off 5.99 hair dye (3)=6.00
CVS 10.00 off 30.00 Gillette=10.00

And $16 EB
Cvs 30%off =.55 (bummer)

Total now =$14.73 YAY then the tax BOO
6.5 % =5.31
So with tax I paid $20.04 & got back $15EB
At 14.73 16 items thats .92 an item! So .08 a pop or paper towel!!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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