The milk bone dental care were priced at .59 cents at Walreens. I purchased 14 used a 1.00 off two cp…. They were .9 cents each….Bic pens wee .49 cents at Shoprite. I used the Bic coupon from the circular which made all 14 packs free…all seasonal Wilton products were .25cents I stocked up on 40 items… Herbal essence were on clearance at Target for .49 each they were free. I used a gift card from a previous transaction…census shaving gel were priced at 1.99 each the 1.00 cp dbl made all 24 free.softsoap was free I used a coupon I had through the mail from the manufacturer….frozen Disney products were .10 at Walgreens..dove on clearance for 1.24 I purchased two…. Nivea was on sale 3.99 each at Shoprite I used a coupon for each that dbl from 1.00 to 2.00 which made them 1.99 and then a Catalina which made them free!!!! Sheeshhhhhhhh lol


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2 thoughts on “All Items Were Clearance Items…..Target…Walmart…Shoprite And Walgreens”

Good job