All would of cost me $47.75 after Q paid OOP $2.26. Rec’d $21 ECB. $18.74MM.
Transactions 1: 1 Physician Organic Mascara $10.79 w/tax. Used 1 $10ecb paid OOP $84¢. Rec’d $7ecb. Transactions 2: 2 Scope Outlast MW $4.19X2=$8.91 used 2 $1.50 MQ=$3, 1$2 off of $6 MW Qfrom cvs machine, and 1 $3ecb. Paid OOP 40¢ rec’d $6ecb. Transactions 3: 4 Colgate TB $3.49X4=$13.96. Used $13ecb paid OPP $1.02 rec’d $8ecb.


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One thought on “Keep rolling those ebb at CVS baby!!!”

They won’t allow me to use the cvs mouthwash q. The say it had to be on crest or the others that was listed. Confusing because it has crest in it and the crest qs work. Idk