Smaller haul but it checks out.

Two bags heavenly light popcorn, $1 each, used $2/2 from

Two garnier fructis products, (2/$6), used 2x $1/1 from got $4 ECB

Two Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste, $3.49, used 2x $1/1 from got $5 ECB

Two salonpas hot capsicum patches, $2.57, got $5 ECB

Milky way bar, $0.88, used $0.38/1 cvs app coupon

Two softsoap body wash, 2/$7, used 2x $1/1 ss or and $1.50/1 cvs coupon from last week

Total before card was $38 after card was $28.18

Used $5/$25 cvs email coupon and after all coupons total was $15.27 with tax. Used $14 ECB from last week, paid $1.27 in tax.

Received $18 in new ECB for next time.


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3 thoughts on “Killed it at CVS today”

It just came in my email last week, it might be random people only. I got a $6/$30 the week before, not sure how it works


How did you get the $5/$25 email coupon? All the ones I get say online use only.


Sorry, see above comment