I got 5 all at 2.99 with 1.00off coupon used 3,4 sure deodorant at 2/3 and 2 50cent off coupon and 1 degree spray deodorant which was 499 used a 4 off coupon got 4 speed sticks 199 used 2 buy one get one and 2 50cent off a pack of huggies 799 2 dollar off and pack of huggies wipes 50cent off and pack of pull-ups left my 2 off coupon total 43. 63 saved 33.40 not too bad


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0 thoughts on “Kroger not bad first time at kroger”

I also had a 4 dollar off coupon for degree buy one get one free speed stick and 50cent off


How were you able to use the speed stick coupons and the degree $4 coupon if the degree was buy one womens and one men’s and the speed stick was only for the gear?