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Late Night Haul

I am still new at couponing so it is just a small night haul from Target

2 Comet bathroom spray
1 gallon Spectracide
2 Milk Bone Dog Treats
2 Canine Carry Out Dog Treats
4 18ct Kotex Pantiliners
1 20ct Carefree Pantiliners

I used
2 .75/1 Comet Spray
1 $2 off Spectracide
1 $1/2 Milk Bone Target Coupon and
1 $1.50/2 Milk Bone MQ Coupon
2 $2/2 Kotex Product
1 .50/1 Carefree Product

Grand Total $24 and some change
After coupons I paid $8 and some change

I am very proud of myself and even with me being new to this, Couponing is Very Addicting. :)

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