I was able to get all this stuff for under $5 at Target. I got the sodas and the can of Pringles with one coupon. I got the biscuits for only a dollar with a coupon.


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One thought on “Less Than $5 at Target!”

I’m glad you’re happy! I remember first times starting out. Don’t forget that Target will price match local ads in your area (along with Manuf Coupons and their own Target coupons,…. but if you price match, you’re not supposed to use cartwheel discount with it).. and if you price match at Target… it’s a pain, because you have to go to customer service (but you can do this 1 week after your purchase, and if you have a missed coupon, that’s about 3 days after your purchase). Pillsbury is usually on sale somewhere for $1. then use a MQ for less, Dr. Pepper as well might be on sale for 79cents to $1, price match! A great place, and easier to price match, is Walmart. If you don’t want to price match, at least do the Walmart Savings Catcher, it’ll find stuff even if you thought you found a great deal (except for produce). Then Walmart usually has better Ibotta offers than other stores. (My Walmart will only accept a missed coupon, that day, what a pain.) This is meant as an encouragement….keep going, you’re doing great. Brush up on your local stores’ coupon policies… it’ll become fun and rewarding.