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Less than $5.00 at CVS Awesome deal



My card

1st trasaction 2 Snickers candy bar ,2 dove milk chocolate. 1 post honey bunches of oats,1 crest prohealth toothpaste. Used $1.00 Q on cereal ,$1.00 Q on snikers cvs machine, $1.00 Q on prohealth toothpaste, .40 Q on two dove candy bar cvs machine. OOP $3.79 and got back $3.00 X-Buck back.for got to hand over Manufacture Q $1.00 for the crest my son was holding on to oh well mistakes happen :(. 2xbuck from toothpaste and 1 xbuck fro green bag tag.

2nd transaction 1 revlon nail polish,2 post honey bunches of oats, 2 starbucks refresh, Used 2 $1.00 Q honey bunches of oats cereal.1 $1.00 Q on revlon nail polish, $5.00 X-buck from beuty and $3.00 X buck from previous purchase and .75 cent x buck from previous week OOP .41  cents and got back $6.00 X-buck so made $5.59 back.

3rd trnsaction  2 m+m candy 2/1.00,  1 salma hayek lip gloss 7.49, 1 salma hayek facial scrub 7.99, salma hayek product on sale BOGO 1/2 OFF, Used $6.00 X-buck from previous transaction and $4.00 cvs Q on salma hayek lip balm or lip gloss product online Q. $2.00 Q on any facial product cvs coupon online, $1.00 Q on next beuty purchase cvs Q. OOP $0.00

4 transaction CVS gummy vitamin Q$6.29 I got Online OOP $0.00

MY Daughters card

1st Transaction 2 twix candy bar Used cvs Q $1.00/2 OOP $0.00

2nd transaction 2 snickers candy bar, 2 honey bunches of oats cereal, 2 Starbuck rerfresher Used 2 -$1.00 Q on cereal  and $6.75 X-buck from previous week  OOP $0.00 got back $3.00 X-buck back

3rd Transaction 1 revlon nail polish 4.99 used $1.00 Q and $3.00 X-buck back from previous transaction OOP $1.05 and got back $3.00 x-buck back made $2.95

4th transaction 1 pepsi next and 2 honey bunches of oat Used 2 $1.00 Q on cereal and $3.00 x-buck  from previous transaction OOP $0.02

A total Spending Of  $4.86 for everything thats like spending $0.17 for each not bad :) :) :)

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