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Little CVS trip=Happy College Senior/Fiance


I have done large trips in the past, but I have been cutting WAY back as I am approaching student teaching and wedding planning! This little trip left me satisfied and excited about shopping again!

What I got:

Mountain Dew $1
Busy Bones $3 x 2= $6
Bayer Aspirin $3.19
V05 Shampoo .79 x 2

Retail Total: $15.74
Sale Total: $11.77

Coupons Used:
$2 off 2 busy bones
$3 off Bayer
$2 off shampoo (CVS Magic Coupon Machine)
$2 off shampoo (CVS Magic Coupon Machine)
$2 ECB

Subtotal: .77
Total with Taxes: $1.90

Now I have caffeine and aspirin for my hours of homework and wedding planning, as well as nice bones for my beautiful husky Jack. I plan on donating or adding the shampoo into gift baskets for birthdays and holiday. Coupons help me do more with the little income I make as a student. I hope this motivates and inspires you to do it too!

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