Use coupon for the aussie shamooo 2/$3
They where on sale for 2/$5 making them $1 each.

Dial bar soap 10/$10 = $1
Used the coupon 2/$1
Making them .50 cents
Same with the dial hand soap.

Right guard where 2/$7
But with coupon i only payed .93 cents each.

Scotch Brite 3pc they where 2/$5
With coupons i payed $1 each.

Crest mouthwash pro Health
On sale for 3/$6 making them $2 each. Had a coupon 1/1.25
Making them .75 cents each.

Plus some free trolly sour candy with a downloaded coupon to my krogers card.

All i payed less than $20 :))


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2 thoughts on “I love kroger less than $20”

Where can i find dial hand soap coupon?


They where on last sundays paper 8/07