Cvs Trans 1- calendula cream $13.79 used $3c. 1 Elmer’s glue $1 and 1 trolli candy $1.88. Used $5 eb from last time and paid $8.85 oop and received $8.88 in eb.
Trans 2- (2) almay lip balms $6.79 and used $5/2c and $3/ $10 cvs coupon. (2) skintimate shave gel $3.49. Used (2) $1c and used a $4/ $20 cvs coupon plus $8.88 eb from Trans 1 and paid $1.88 oop and received $9 eb.
Rite aid- I decided I wanted to take advantage of rake the points so I got (2) oxiclean detergents $3.99 and used (2) $3c. (2)pampers b1g1 50% $18.73 for both and used (2) $3c. 1 tidy cats liter $5.99 and used $2c. (2) snickers crisper $3 and used (2) $1c. (2) Revlon colorsilk 2/ $6 and used $1/2c. (2) smuckers jams 2/$4 and used $1/2c and then (2) boxes cherrios which are supposed to be on sale for 2/ $5 but the cashier rang them wrong and I didn’t notice I used $16 in previous points and I initially paid $27.17 oop and DID NOT recieve $20 in points so I went back after looking at my receipt. She somehow rang me up for the bigger boxes of cherrios which were $5.39 each and were not on the rake the points special. The cashier gave me $5 back making my oop $22.17 but did not do a full refund and then resale so the system would trigger the right product for the points so I still did not recieve my points. Went to a diff rite aid to return everything as at this point I’m frustrated and I would rather go do the deals elsewhere and they ended up using 2 boxes cinnamon toast crunch to activate my $20 in points and also refunded me $10 in points as a inconvenience gift then told me to go ahead and keep the cereal. So all in all it worked out. I paid a total of $32.90 oop and received $30 points, $9 eb and $2.75 on c51 plus $3 I Botta making this day a $11.85 mm on $95.93 worth of product plus 2 free boxes of cereal.