3 boxes 7th generation diapers + 1 box up &up baby wipes, get $25.00 gift card plus 4.00 ibotta app for 7th generation diapers.
Annie’s Mac N cheese on sale .99 box, MFR coupon 1.00 off of 2.
Annie’s yogurt tubes on sale for 2 for 6.00, cartwheel app 20% off.
Aquafresh toothpaste used cartwheel app 25% plus 1.00 thru checkout 51 app
Tyson frozen chicken strips and nuggets on sale 2 for 12.00, used cartwheel app 25% off.
Justin’s organic chocolate cups on sale 2 for 3.00, used ibotta app for 1.00. (final price .50)
Starbucks iced coffee 25% cartwheel app, plus 1.00 ibotta app. (Final price .50)
Beech-nut organic baby pouches, used ibotta app 1.00 off of 3.
Kid fresh organic frozen meal on sale 2 for 5, used 1.00 MFR coupon plus 1.00 ibotta app (final price .50)
And of course my red card for an extra 5% off 😀


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One thought on “I love target! Seriously…”

Don’t forget their bag discount! .05 for each bag of your own that you bring. Nice haul 🙂