This weekend in my state is no sales tax weekend! On Saturday I went to Walmart and bought 5 crest toothpaste and I ad matched them to Kroger for 1.99, used my 2.00 off coupon and each were a 0.01 money maker. I then in the same transaction bought 2 of the bic pencils which were on sale for 1.46, I used my 1.00 off coupon which made them 0.46 each. I didn’t see the third coupon on the bic so went back in and bought another one! My total for Walmart was 1.33! I then went to dollar general and bought 8 packs of pens which were on sale for 0.50 (I used four 0.75 cent coupons and four 0.55 cent coupons) in the same transaction I bought the two packs of toilet paper and used 2 0.45 cent off coupons. The overage from the pens paid for my toilet paper and some of the tax! I spent 0.11 cents! Sunday I went back to Walmart and bought 5 more crest toothpaste with ad match to Kroger and coupons they would have paid me 0.05 cents but I bought other items on the transaction that the 0.05 cents went to! All together I paid less than 1.50!