Buy 1, 5 qt jug Pennzoil Full Synthetic motor oil.
Reg price $25.19.
Clip to your mPerks app/card, 15% off (any 1 item in the automotive section). This takes off $3.78.
Then, unadvertised sale, on shelf tag (and works at checkout), buy one Pennzoil Full Synthetic … as above, and get $10 off.
Then at checkout, it also prints a Catalina/ Mail-in rebate form for a $10 rebate. Was not expecting this.
25.19 – 3.78 – 10 = 11.41 oop, then submit for $10 rebate = 1.41 / 5 = 28¢ a quart.
Keep in mind this is Full Synthetic, and make sure your car can take it, and double check your oil filter type for this oil.
On the rebate form, it states up to a $48 max rebate, so you can do 4 for the full $10 rebate value each, or the 5th rebate would only be an $8 value.
Also, keep in mind that the 15% was just on 1 item. So if you have multiple accounts…? It doesn’t say you have to buy them all at once. The purchases have to be made by 5/31/16.


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2 thoughts on “MEIJER pennzoil 5 qt jug for $1.41!”

We did this deal and the rebate did not print. Who do I contact? Meijer or the catalina company?


We did this deal and the rebate did not print. Do I contact Meijer or the Catalina company?