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Military couponers!


When my husband and I first joined the military we never really shopped at the Commisary because we really didn’t know their sales and we were both busy with our careers…3 kids later and me getting out of the Air Force to stay home with the kids…we had no choice but to take a closer look at our finances/bills…shopping at the commisary now has become much easier and I highly recommend shopping there for those that can!
There was no shelf clearing either(our commisary is huge so they stock alot)
We got:
16 cans of pringles
2 box of Poptarts
5 box of granola cereals
8 Ortega taco mixs
10 can starkist tuna
2 box of pasta
1 kikkoman sauce
6 drink mixes(4 koolaid/2 country time)
12 Kraft BBQ sauces
4 Lysol toilet cleaner
4 Fantastik cleaners
1 Kraft Fresh take kit
3 Kahiki frozen egg rolls
8 Tyson anytizer chicken wongs
2 Pagoda frozen meals
2 Banquet turkey dinners
8 Ball Park franks
4 Chicken sausage
4 Oscar Mayer Select Lunchmeats
2 loafs of bread
4 packs of Pull ups
4 BIC disposable 4ct razors
2 Oral B electric razors
2 reach floss

Bill before coupons:$201.85( this would have been more at any other store)
Bill after coupons:$114.46
Coupon savings: $87.39
The commisary allows coupon overage as well, so some of the items had coupons that were for more than what they were priced at, that overage applies to other items I had in my transaction.
The shear amount of the items just amazed my husband and I!

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