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My first Albertsons Trip


I always heard Albertsons is a great place to shop with coupons esp with doublers. So, I finally went because my mother had 4 doublers. Not wanting to mess up (since my mother came along), I didn’t use all the doublers since they’re good till 6/12. I’m glad everything worked out… Made my mother proud.. hehehehe

2 Gillette Good News Plus Razors (12pk) – $9.19 each reg, B1G1 sale
2 Gillette Good News Pivot Plus (12pk) – $9.19 each reg, B1G1 sale
2 Simply Potates $3.79 each reg, 2/$5 sale
2 Nestle Drumstick Ice Cream (4pk) $4.29 each reg, 2/$6 sale
2 House Tofu (xtra firm) $1.79 each reg, $1.25 sale
2 Albertsons bags $1.99 each reg, 2/$3 sale
Total before coupons/sales:: $60.48
OOP:: $7.98+tax
Total Savings:: 87%

**the 2 Albertsons bags, I got for free, which I didn’t realize till I got home going over the receipt.

To me, anything over 80% savings is a steal… n having my mother along to watch was priceless. She always made fun of my binder because it’s so big, I always tell her that my binder is filled with money, and I always carry it with me whenever I shop.
After that trip, she hasnt said anything negative about my binder. She actually asked if I had coupons for things she needed at home… =)

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