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My Sunday trip to Walgreens


Went to two different Walgreens
1st transaction
5 Hydro shaving cream used 5 $.75mqs
2 Suavitel laundry softener bogo used 2 $.50mqs
2 Wet Ones used 2 $.75mqs
2 Schick disponibles razors used 2 $3mqs
4 fillers $1.34
1 box of tampons used 1 $1mq
Total $36.88. Total o.o.p. after coupons and $21 in r.r. from last week $2.63.
Bad part no r.r. printed. Should of gotten $10r.r. & $3r.r. Manager said that if you used ANY r.r. you dont get anymore and also because my o.o.p. was so low. I was very annoyed. At the end he gave me a $10.80 gift card.

2nd transaction different store
3 Hydro shaving cream used 3 $.75mqs
2 Schick disposable razors used 2 $3mqs
4 Wet Ones used 4 $.75mqs
1 box of tampons used 1 $1mq
2 straps for Paper Jamz Guitar $0.46ea
1 marker to check if money is real $1
Total $34.39.
Total o.o.p. after coupons and gift card $13.97.
And I still have $13 in r.r. from 2nd transaction.

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