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My trip to Rite Aid

love coupons

So I decided to do the spend $30, get $10 ups at Rite Aid. Here is my breakdown:

4 Nescafe Clasico coffee ($5.49 each) = $21.96

2 Digiorno small pizzas ($2.99 EACH)= $5.98

1 Eclipse 3 pack gum= $1.99

4 Royal Gelatins(.25 each) =$1


(2) $1.50 OFF on two Nescafe Coffee
(1) $1 off on two small Digiorno pizzas
(1) $1 off any eclipse

I also used $11 in UP’s

total before coupons and sales= $ 45.37

after sales and coupons = $ 14.93 OOP

and I got $10 in ups rewards, so its like everything for $4.93

**The Cofeemate liquid creamer was $3.48 at Food 4Less and I used a free coupon from their Facebook page that they had a while back.**

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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