I bought two scrubbing bubbles, two windex. They were on sale for 2.89 sb and 2.84 wx. I used a $5.00 gift card from a previous transaction and two coupons .75 & .50. I forgot a dollar coupon took it to customer service and got 1.00 cash back. Spent 9.55 for 16.46 worth of cleaning products. Not as good as some but I’m new and very pleased with myself.


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3 thoughts on “New Couponer at Target!”

Nicole, I was a little skeptical of it also, but I finally signed up for it. You link your debit account to the card & you always get 5% off your whole purchase when you use the Redcard.


Sign up for a Red card and get an additional 5% off whole store purchase! Also, invest in some cheap reusable bags. You get a nickel off your purchase for every resusable bag that you use.


Thanks I didn’t know that! I was a little weary of the red card how does it work?