Time to stock up on diapers target deals

Spend 100 dollars get 25 back on gift card
Each box of luvs retails for 22.50 each

I got 4 boxes of luvs
Thats 90 dollars before tax i had 2 $2.00 off on one box of luvs coupons plus 10 percent off on cartwheel plus additional 5 percent off on target red card

I also got baby food. 1.20 each got 2 of those got baby face wipes 1.72 each got 2 of those

Make up deal spend 25 bucks get 5 dollars back on gift card
Eyeliner retails for 6.99
Mascara retails for for 5.99 i had a 3 dollar coupon which makes it 2.99
I had another mascarra coupon that retails for 5.69 with a 2.00 coupon which made it 3.69 so with savings from 2 mascaras saving me 5 bucks i used that to get the 6.99 eye liner for basically 1.00

I got 6 nail polish that are on clearence for $1.48 each which is 8.88

So my total savings was 53.63

My total before coupons was. Over $170 after coupons cartwheel and red card it was $120.66


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3 thoughts on “New to couponing think i did good at target”

Where are you from?


Checkout 51 has a Luv’s rebate. :-).
(Limit 1 though)


Thanks teresa