I’m a newbie to couponing, but wanted to share my third trial at Walgreens.
There are so many talented people on your site who don’t pay anything or even make money, but wanted to let those who are new to couponing that you can do this!!

Retail $117.14
Paid $35.45 and still have $10 in points to use at a later date = 78% savings overall

2 x Tech Gear Binders ($9.99 each) $2 each
2 x Walgreens Floss ($1.99 each) $0.50 each
Walgreens Laxative ($17.99) $7.99
3 x Tide ($6.99 each) $2.49 each
4 x Campbell’s Soup ($1.69 each) $0.69 each
2 x Betty Crocker Pot. ($1.29 each) $0.74 each
3 x Scope ($3.49 each) $1.50 each
6 x Aussie & Herbal E (~$4.24 each) $1.50 each


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2 thoughts on “Newbie Third Time A Success At Walgreens”

Good job. !! I’m new at this to and I like to see others like me .


What coupon you use to get the floss for .50 cents