At target:
1 method hand wash, 1 method body wash, 1 method all purpose cleaner$2.99 – $1 Ibotta, $1 checkout51 for each plus $1 Ibotta bonus
1 dial men’s body wash $3.19-$1 Ibotta for dial men’s and $1 for dial both went through when I scanned it for one, and $1 mobisave
1 u by Kotex liners $2.99-$1/1 coupon, $1.50 off target coupon, $1 Ibotta
2 Swanson organic chicken broth $2.74 ea-$.75/2 coupon from Campbell’s website, $1 Ibotta

From Walgreens:
1 glade wax melter-$7.49 sale w $1.50 rr, $2/1 coupon, $4 Ibotta
1 glade auto sprayer-$7.49 w $1.50 rr, $2 coupon, $3 Ibotta
1 glade large candle-$7.49 $1.50 re, $2.25 coupon, $3 Ibotta
1 56 ct huggies wipes-$.50 coupon, $1 Ibotta
1 orbit gum- $.50 Ibotta

Plus I earned $5 in Ibotta monthly bonuses by submitting them all by tonight

Total after rr, rebates, coupons, and sale prices $6.43 after tax over 90% savings

Since I ran out of broth yesterday and I’m low on wipes, I would have paid more before I started couponing with no coupons/rebates for just those 3 items than I paid for everything total!


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3 thoughts on “Not Free, But Close Enough For Me!”

You use ibotta once you get home. You have to scan your items and take a picture of your receipt.


I really need help learning how to do this I’m amazed


I’m Not understanding how to use Ibotta at checkout. Would I have to open a paypal account?