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OMG black friday CVS!!! made


Im so excited!!! I went to CVS around midnight and got most of what I went in for.For some reason they had some of the stuff locked up in the pharmacy. I started with $19 in ECBs so i planned my trip around that. I managed to get it down to 3 large transactions. At the end even the cashiers were pretty impressed. He called me a pro. Hee hee. i did the money makers first, then the free items and then the items that cost money last. ANd i apologize for not having a photo. i dont have a camera :-\
transaction 1 (money makers)
1 Breathe Rught nasalstrips $5.99-$1.50MQ-$1.50SQ =$2.99 ($5.99 ECB back)
2 Listerine Poocket paks $2.99×2= $5.98- 2 $0.50 MQ =
$4.98 (5.98 ECB back)
1 Finish Quantum 10ct $2.99- $1MQ= $1.99($2.99 ECB
1 Fiber one 90 calorie brownies 6 ct $3.99 $0.40MQ
=$3.59($3.99 ECB back)
1 Carmex .35 oz $1-$0.30MQ=$0.70($1ECB back)
1 LA looks gel 20 oz $2.49-$1MQ=$1.49($2.49 back)
2 GUM toothbrushes 2ct $2.99×2=$5.98- 2 $0.55MQ=
$4.88($ 5.98 ECB back)
2 Colgate Total Advanced 4 oz $2.87×2=$5.74- 2 $1MQ &
2 $1 SQ= $1.74($5.74 ECB back)
1 Chex cereal $2.87- $1MQ=$1.87($2ECB back)
$24.23grand total -$5off$25= $19.87!!!
i also used 19.64 in ECB’s so i paid $0.23 for all this and got back $36.16 in ECB (would have been a little better but they had the benefiber and theraflu locked up behind the pharmacy for some reason

Transaction 2(free items)
1 Advil PM 4ct $0.99($0.99 ECB back)
2 Hersheys King size $0.99×2 = $1.98($1.98 ECB back)
1 Advil 10 ct $2.99($2.99 ECB back)
1 Pepto Bismal 4oz $2.99($2.99 ECB back)
1 iChill relaxation shot $5.29($5.29 ECB back)
1 Starbusk double shot 6.5oz $1.69($1.69 ECB back)
1 Softlips single $2($2 ECB back)
1 Kleenex cool touch 50ct $1.50($1.50 ECB back)
4 Snickers $0.75×4=$3($3 ECB back)
5 Revlon nail polishes $4.99×4=$24.95- 5 $1MQ ($20
ECB back)
Grand total was $42.38 i used ALL of the ECBs from the first transaction plus $1ecb from green bag tag and $5 from the beauty club so $42.38- $42.16= $0.22 and got back $42.38 in ECBs
Transaction 3 (freebies & extra buck offers)
1 CVS alkaline batteries 4ct $3.65(@my store)$3.99ECB
1 Balance bar $1.69($1.69ECB back)
1 Phillips 3 in 1 universal remote ^6.99 ($6.99ECB back)
1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2.87($2 ECB back)
1 Phillips Ear Buds $6.99 ($6.99 ECBback)
1 WetNWild festive flirt nail kit $2.88($2 ECB back)
1 BKool fever pad s$4.49($4.49 ECB back)
so 29.56 grand total and i used $29.48 in ECBs so $0.08 ootp and got back $27.16 ECB back which leaves me with a total of $40.11 in ECBs leftover. So i made $16.11. I will be going back to get a few more things which will bring another $3ECBs or so. like i said they were locked up
also i think its important to say that i didnt do these all at once. after each one i stepped aside got organized and then got back in line. i seperated each transaction as i shopped aswell (3 baskets) because i knew what a mess it would be if didnt. the key is to make it as easy on the cashier as possible which in turn makes it easy for you and those in line behind you in line. i triple checked everthing and wrote 3 detailed lists.
So that being said i would also like to give a VERY VERY VERY special thankyou to the KCL’s for helping my little family every week. And let me just say it was hard to get this list up here! And to think you guys do this everyday wow!!! hahaha!! and again MY FAMILY TRUELY THANKS YOU!!!

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