Ok so I got

8 of Jergins hand soap (I got 4 my mom got 4), used 8 of the$2/1 Jergins product, so the were all free

10 boxes of pepperonis, used 5 of the $1/2 printable, making them 50 cents each or $5 for all 10

I got 5 of Bic razors, used 5 of the $2/1 bic disposable pac, so all were free.

Got 1 exedrin, used the $1/1 20 count or more printable so that was free

I got 6 of the Bounce dryer sheets, we have a printable $1/1 bounce product (it says includes 70 count dryer sheets or larger, but not includes only, the first line is $1/1 bounce product, the fact that it includes the larger size is just so you’ll get this big size, but you don’t have to) so all were free

In the paper that has our redplum instead of a store add there was a $3/3 Tide coupon, it excluded the 12 load Downy (the ones at Dollar Tree) but not the Smaller Tide pods, so I used it on the pods and since I had 2 of the $3/3 coupon I got 6 for free


I got 4 of the Adult Diapers (2 per card) on sale for $12 used 4 of the $6/1 coupon, and got back a total of 2,400 points, making them all free

Got 2 of the bic pens on sale for $1, used the $1/1 coupon

The speed stick Deal is this, they are sale for 3.99, buy 2 for 7.98, FIRST use the BOGO coupon taking off $3.99, then use 2 (if your store will let you) of the in ad coupon for $2/1, making this a 1 penny money maker!! I did the deal 3 times, so a 3 cent money maker!! Had to get a snickers bar to use the overage, since it would not take the last coupon til I did, no biggie 😉

So everything except the pepperoni was free!!!

-Teen couponer


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2 thoughts on “Only Paid for pepperoni”

How do you know if dollar tree sells pods?


just check your store, 🙂


I used the $2/1 coupons at Dollar Tree too…


How did you use the $2/1 coupons at Dollar Tree? Their coupon policy doesn’t allow it, the cash register beeps on them and doesn’t accept it, and the cashiers and managers don’t override the computer. They also don’t give money back or allow you to apply overages to the rest of your purchase. So it very curious and doubtful that you were able to do what you posted.


The have to manually put it in by hitting F2 then F7, and just put $1, their coupon police specifically says that they take coupons for over $1…. Also how does lying to you benefit me?? 🙁 don’t like being accused…


Because if the coupon scanned it would have just gone in as $1