So as I bragged earlier. I got more blink drops for $0.10 each! And I stumbled on a box of size 6 well beginning diapers in clearance!!!

I used 5 of the $3.00 off blink coupons, scanned the September book for the Walgreens $2.00 off coupon, and used my employee discount..

The total for all 5 was $4.43; I used $3 (3000 points making my OOP only $1.43!!!!!!!!!!!


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One thought on “My OOP was $1.43 at Walgreens!!!”

How awesome!! Mine had the diapers in the clearance section but not the blink. .10! That’s crazy awesome! Also the 12oz contact lense solution is only .99 with the $3 coup in the paper if you got one. Walgreens has them on sale $3.99.