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OOp 12.63 recieved 15.62.$ 2.99MM


1-skintimate 2.99
2-Arizona .50ea
.55/1 mfc
subtotal: 1.54
w/tax and
crv = 1.85

1-first Aid Gel 7.00
2-Ecotrin 1.50ea
3-Arizona .50ea
2-Ajax .99ea
2- $1/1 mfc
5RR + 3RR
Subtotal: .63
and crv = 1.56

2-Summers Eve 2/8.98
2-sally Hansen Wax 2/8.98
$2/2 mfc
2- $2/1 mfc
-$4 store coupon
Subtotal: 2.27
w/tax = 3.22
1-Skintimate 2.99
2RR from Ecotrin
subtotal 1.99
w/tax = 2.30
Final total= $12.63
the Ajax should have been 2 for $1 but since they were having difficuties with their new computers and the huge line behind me i didnt realize that i didnt have them scan the in ad coupon. 1.56 is okay with me :) And i also lost the .55/1 mfc for the Skintimate for the last transaction.but they were low in stock and i didnt want to miss out.
recieved 7RR for First Aid Gel
and a gift card 8.62 because the RR wasnt Printing for the skintimate.

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