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Perfect for my camping trip! Thanks Wal-Mart!


Went to Walmart to grab a new lantern for my camping trip this weekend, but couldn’t help browsing the shelves to see if I could find any good deals. I’m glad I did too!

Bought 2 packs of Folgers Instant coffee sticks (7 per box)
– Priced at $1 each.
– Used 1/$1 off 2 folgers products.
Made each box 50 cents.

Bought 3 Cutter mosquito candles
– Priced at 97 cents each.
– Used 3/$1 off any cutter products
This made them FREE with 3 cents overage on each!

I payed a total of 91 cents. Saved $4.91. Not bad for those few items. The coffee will be very nice and convenient for my camping trip, and the candles are perfect for the pic-nik table! I hardly ever try couponing at Wal-Mart but it worked out pretty well today!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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