I just received the email from PetCo for $5 off $50 (and $15 off $75), includes in-store purchases.  Had trouble printing from their email link, but when I went to their site and clicked on the same offer, it printed fine.

I have been printing off from KCL’s site the links to Nutro (dog or cat) for $5 off each, all have had the exp date of 12/31,.  And Hills Science Diet, Cat Dry  Food), exp. date will vary on when you print (mine is 10/16).

I plan on buying:

4 Nutro Max dry dog food, 3# bag,  on sale for B1G1 half off, $9.99 +$4.99 = $14.98, do twice, = $29.96.

Then I plan on buying:

2 Hill Science Cat food, 3.5#, on sale for B1G1 half, $13.99 + $6.99= $20.98.

Total = $50.94, I have reached the $50 purchase requirement.

I will then first use the email coupon of $5 off $50.

$50.94 – $5 = $45.94.

I will then use 4 printable MQ’s of $5 off each for the Nutr0 = $20.

I will also use 2 printable MQ’s of $7 off each for the Hills = $14.

Total coupons are =  -$34.

So, $45.94 – $34 in MQ’s = $11.94 for 6 items ( approx. $1.99 each).

Who knows what else I find when I get there to aim for the $15 of $75, instead.

That’s aiming to purchase only $25 more, but get and additional $10 off, before  MQ coupons.

If you have questions on where these coupons are coming from, please visit KCL’s site under PetCo/PetSmart.

****on another side note, the Sheba FREE cat food deal is still going strong.

This last week’s paper had the B5G5free (in my area), combined with Target’s coupon (from RP 9/27, exp 10/24, for Half off of 15 cans or tubs, Limit 4 TQ’s per transaction).

KCL’s site only show the B10G10 Free, so just do the math figure out how many MQ’s  you need to match the Target coupons to  get those for free.  Please don’t ask me to do the math for you.  I believe that you can do it!


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One thought on “PetCo through 10/10, 6 bags for $1.99 each”

At the Halo cat food site, you can get coupons to use at Petco. Petsmart does not carry Halo. It’s a high quality food. They are generally $1.99 a can. You can get a coupon for $2 off 2 cans and $2 off a can of Vigor. I always ask how many I can use before I start shopping. Sometimes they will let me use several, sometimes not. When I get to my $5 reward from using my Petco card, I pair that with the $4 off 12 coupon to get $9 off 12.


These precious ones are resuces, andt they are just so very sweet.