Sizing kits rung up at $3.99. Bought 3 Size Kits and 4 Liners for a bf coupon price of $31.93. After $21 in coupons and using a $5EB, paid $5.93 bf tax. $4.07 $maker ($1.52 $maker after tax) after receiving a $10EB Reward. Careful though; cashier had to manually give the EB because the sizing kits were not being included towards the $30 spend. Thank U KCL!!


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2 thoughts on “Poise Products at CVS”

Forgot to mention that my Publix trip cost $2.24 for 4 Poise and 2 Colgate


Got Poise pads and 2 Colgate at my local Publix using 4 Publix $2 off coupon 4 $3 off manufacturer and 2 $1 off Colgate coupon not bad