I’m being induced tomorrow so I needed to stock up on some supplies lol
Here is the breakdown
I got 6 boxes of Playtex sport (being these are a money maker why not get 6 boxes)
Split into 2 transactions (for cartwheel policy) used $2 off 1 peelies found on the boxes and 10% off cartwheel. first transaction oop spent $4.77 got a $5 gift card
Second transaction I got 3 more boxes of Playtex sport used the $2 off 1 peelies and the 10% off cartwheel and included the bic disposable razors ($3 off 1 coupon) Used the $5 gift card from transaction #1 paid .$13 in taxes
Transaction #3 I got 4 bags of the always discreet I used 4 of the $2 off 1 manufacture coupons. And combined with the $1 off 1 target coupon and also the 15% off cartwheel. Used the $5 giftcard from transaction #2 oop spent $1.41
Transaction #4 3 bags of always maxi pads used $3 off 3 coupon and combined with 3 $1off 1 target coupon and 25% off cartwheel. Oop $7.08
And lastly transaction #5 I got 4boxes of tampax pearl used a $2off2 manufacture coupon and combined with a $1off1 target coupon and a 25% off cartwheel. Oop I spent $4.46


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3 thoughts on “Prebaby target run!”



First off congratulations;) second would you mind sharing the prices TIA:)