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Quick run to CVS!!!


Went to CVS bought $80 worth of stuff and paid $20 oop, but got $5 back!!! Did 2 separate transanctions.

Transaction #1

6 Frosted Flakes
5 Powerade
2 Skittles

Coupons used was $4 off of 20 I printed from CVS, 6 frosted flakes $1 off from 7/8rp, and one from the magic coupon machine buy a skittles and get on free paid $12 and got back $6.00!

Transaction #2
Coupons used was tha $.50 off the skittles or starburst from 7/8rp and 5 garnier from 6/24 rp, also used the $6.00 I received from first transaction paid 7.89 but received 5 back

Total oop was $20.54 but still have $5.00 in cvs coupon to use!!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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