I wanted to see if the L’oréal Paris Féria Haircolor on clearance for $4.48 triggered the promotion of buy 2 receive a $5 GC and thankfully IT DID!!! (Didn’t have the coupon for it though 😕)


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3 thoughts on “Quick Target Haul!”

I bought 10 altogether. The $5 gc triggered at my local target. Went out of state and gc didn’t trigger at either target where I was. I told the cashier the same hair color triggered the gc where I live. She called a manager over and he ok’d the gc. I did the transaction twice. I had a gc to start out so all 10 were FREE! I’m donating them to my church for garage sale for mission trip.


I went to my local Target to see if any were on clearance. I found 2 and had a $5.00 coupon to use as well. The gift card wouldn’t ring up…cashier tried 3 times. I told her to cancel the transaction and put them back
on the shelf. I was going to donate them to a local charity since it wasnt the right color for me. This would
have been a great deal for me….congrats to those that actually got the gift card.


I bought 6 yesterday and only one time the gift card didn’t come up but I went back and got a different one and that worked. Paid around $3 after using two $5 GC from another day and got back 15gc. Donating all of it since I never color my hair.