The sale 2 or 3 weeks was for Schick disposables, $5.99 ea.

And when you spend $25, you get-1000 plenti points back (worth $10)

So for rite aid, they can’t issue plenti points on rain checks, so they just deducted $10 off my total which was awesome cuz I spent less oop! Total before tax and after coupons was $1.95 for 5 packs!

I had 2 of the printable coupons for $7 off of any purchase of 2 Schick disposables, and I had one $4 off of one from inserts….So it took off $18 just in coupons….

Here’s the breakdown…
Total before coupons…about $30
After coupons…about $12
After deducted $10 in plenti points…I only paid $1.95 before taxes!!!!! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Rain check from 2 weeks ago @ rite aid!”

The sale excluded the hydro. How were you able to get them?


I think I must have grabbed the wrong ones now that I think about it and the cashier didn’t even check, but it wasn’t the same razors on the rain check either…