Transaction 1
2 body armor drinks 2/$3
2 Crest toothpastes $3 each
4 Colgate toothbrushes

-(2) $2.00 Crest coupons
-(4) .50 Colgate toothbrush
Total with taxes $18.68 & 13EB back

Transaction 2
2 pampers swaddlers 17.98
3 Pantene $12
1 loreal 3.99

-$3.00 pampers coupon
-$5 off 3 Pantene coupon
-$2 off 3 Pantene (cvs coupon)
-$2 loreal coupon
-$3 off $15 shampoo cvs coupon
-6EB already had
-13 EB from 1st transaction
Total with taxes 1.17 & 10EB back

Transaction 3
2 Colgate 5.98
4 dawn @ .98 each
Old spice 4.99
Old spice 2.49 (B1G1 50% off)

-(2) .50 Colgate coupon
-$2 off 2 toothpastes CVS coupon
-(2) $1 old spice coupons
-$2 off $6 body wash CVS coupon
-10EB from last transaction

Total 1.45 with tax got 3 EB

Transaction 4
Hefty storage bags 2/$6

-$1 coupon
-3 EB from last transaction

Total 2.47 with tax & got 2EB

Loreal $1 ibotta
Pampers $1.50 C51
Pantene $2 C51

Total OOP 23.78 with $4.50 in rebates & 2EB remaining


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4 thoughts on “Rolling EB at CVS”

I thought only one coupon per item could be used.


You can use one cvs coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item. I was unsure if I could combine the $2 Pantene cvs coupon and the $3 of $15 shampoo cvs coupon. But the cashier asked me if I had the shampoo coupon and told me to go get another bottle of shampoo & use it, so I did. It went through with no problem.


How did you get all the CVS coupons? I only got the Pantene one. I never get emails or other printouts. Help!!!


I don’t get emails either. I updated my email address hoping it would help, but it hasn’t. I didn’t get many CVS coupons in the beginning. I go once a week now & I have been getting more CVS coupons. I’m hoping since I’ve been buying diapers they’ll start giving me diaper ones. I get a lot of toothpaste CVS coupons. I think the more you shop the more you get.


I’m the same way. I only get % off coupons for online purchases. I believe I read the coupons you get are based on products you buy. So most likely in the beginning, we won’t be getting any Qs for these items if we haven’t purchased them before. And it helps to go at least once a week and scan your card at the coupon center. I got some different ones by going once a week. But once you hit the limit, the machine will say to come back another time because all your coupons have been printed.