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Safeway Clearance Deals


This is at the Safeway in Granite Bay CA

Loreal Elnett hairspray, 9.99 clearance at 50% off; 4.99, used 3.00 coupon; paid 1.99 each.
Loreal Vive conditioner, 2.99 clearance at 50% off; 1.49, used .75 coupon; paid .74 each.
Aveeno Shampoo, 4.99 clearance at 50% off;2.49, used 2.00 coupon; paid .49 each.
Loreal Shampoo, 4.49 clearance at 50% off; 2.24, used 1.00 coupon; paid 1.24
Right Guard Bodywash 2.49 clearance at 50% off; 1.24, used 2.00 coupon, its Safeway so no overage, but they were free!

For everything, I paid 14.68, saved 66.47!

5 thoughts on “Safeway Clearance Deals”

  1. way to go

  2. Anonymous

    Very Nice!  I’ve never had any luck finding any clearance items @ Safeway.  Are they usually in a certain spot in the store or just on the shelves with regular priced items?

    1. It varies from store to store, the one I went to, the clearance section is in the back, by the pharmacy, at another, its over by the bathrooms.  Perishables stay on the shelves, and temporary price reductions do too.

    2. dayna lloyd

       I just recently discovered clearance items at Randalls (Safeway).  I don’t know if they just didn’t put them out or never clearanced anything! It was in the back of the store on a small display near the dairy section.  Hope this helps!

  3. dayna lloyd

    Do you remember where you got the Aveeno coupon? I think I remember seeing the Aveeno shampoo on clearance at my store and that would be an awesome price!

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