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Saving Big Bucks at Albertson’s


I was introduced to this sweetheart lady who collects a bunch of coupon inserts and helped me get some great deals today, especially at Albertson’s. Here’s the goodness we got. Not pictured: 1 bagel, 2 doughnuts, $5 in catalina for next purchase, 500 bonus points to add to our card.

Items purchased: milk, chocolate milk, 4 bags sweet potato fries, 4 bags chips, 2 kikkoman marinade, 4 propel water, 6 olives, 6 baby foods, 1 bagel, 2 doughnuts.

Original Product Value: 61.17
Out of Pocket: $16.22
Saved:44.95-73 %
Catalina Coupons leftover for next time: (not accounted for above) $5. Savings including catalina=82%
Not only will my family benefit from sweet deals with this coupon angel of mine, but we donate some of our steals to the local food bank and donate the expired coupons to our overseas military! We did some smaller shops at other stores today too, I’ll post those in a bit :)
On a side note, couponing can often be hard to do for healthy stuff, you always get coupons for candy and more processed stuff, but this was a pretty decent haul. The chips are planning ahead for refreshments at a bachelorette party I’m throwing for a friend :)

Oh yeah, and these prices include taxes. We live on the Washington side of the WA/Idaho border and WA doesn’t have taxes on food but Idaho does. We decided to shop there since we were over their to meet this nice lady. We also took advantage of their .75 off milk coupons (ID & UT only) that were doubled. Used 12 doublers in 4 transactions.

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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