Ok so this took 7 transactions….198.40 in product… not including taxes… 23.14 after saving star and ibotta rebates…
Example of what i did 7 times….
Degree mens deod…3.89 x3
Mens dove shampoo 3.99
Mens dove spray 4.99
Use 3 $1 mfq for deod
Used 1 $2 mfq shampoo
Used 1 $ 2 mfq spray deod
7.00 coupons
$5.00 mobile target coupon text fan
$ 5.00 gift card for $20.00 personal care text
Ibotta $1.00
Savingstar rebates as well… total 20.65..
8.65 oop with 5 gift card back… roll it to next transaction mix and match just have 3 of the items to get the fan coupon and you are set…. 88% savings….


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One thought on “Score….target overhaul”

Thank you so much for the pick, I didn’t know about the FAN
coupon so I got it after I read your post.. I did 8 transactions
Because I had a lot of coupons and most of them expire today..
but I mix them diferente still pay 7.82 first transaction and 2.82 the other 7
So happy never got so much in one day and pay so little
Thank you so much 😍😍😍 Happy Easter