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small Albertsons clearance brag


went to Albertsons to use my coupon for Udi’s bread that expired today. Also took advantage of some of their mark down clearance deals :)

1 Udi’s gf Bread…4.69 (not on sale, oh well)
2 flavorite stir fry…on clearance for 1.39 ea
2 strawberry yoplait light 4 pks…marked down to 1.50 ea
1 albertsons brand 8 oz plain yogurt, marked down to .25
o.,b. tampons… small box, on clearance for 2.25
Darigold 2%Cottage Cheese, 48oz… marked down to 3.00!!!!!!

q’s used:
1.50 off Udi’s bread (found it in a store or something a while ago).
.75 off ob from a recent insert.
wish I had had more q’s, at least for the Yoplait, but oh well… they were still not too bad of a deal!!

can’t see what my exact total was on the reciept, & I can’t remember for sure…. but the reciept does say that I saved 14.21, for a 51% savings! :) can’t argue w/ that, especially since all of the food is healthy food!

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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