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Small CVS run


I realized when my son was getting ready for bed last night that he was down to one Pull Up, yikes! I ran into town after I got him all tucked in and this is what I ended up with:


1 Pull Ups: $10
used: $2.50/1 MQ, $2/1 CVS Q
total: $5.50, paid with a CVS gift card

Transaction 2:
2 Pull Ups: $10×2= $20
used: 2 $2.50/1 MQ, $2/1 CVS Q
total: $13, received $10 EB

L’Oreal Anti-Dull Primer: $6.49, clearance
used: $2/1 MQ, $3/$10 CVS Q
total: $1.49

Almay Smart Shade blush: $2.49, clearance
used: $1/1 MQ
total: $1.49

Almay concealer stick: $1.99, clearance
used: $1/1 MQ
total: $.99

Total before coupons: $30.97
Total after coupons: $16.97, used $10 EB from last week
Total OOP: $6.97

Then I had to run into Walmart for milk and decided to check out the clearance stuff while I was there. I found a little loofah for $.10! I had bought a trial pack of the Good Nights bed mats earlier in the week because I saw a brag saying that inside was a coupon that could be used for overage on the trial size. Well, this is not true. The $3 coupon inside is for a jumbo pack or larger. I just wanted to let people know this, in case anybody else was hoping to score with this deal. I was all excited about getting $1.50 in overage, but it was not meant to be.

That Pull Ups deal came just in time for me! My son only wears them at night so they’ll last us a long time.

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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