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SMALL haul; HUGE savings


Went to 3 stores CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aide

Trans #1
-Physicians Formula Face Cream $9.39

Total before coupons$9.39
used: 25% off purchase CVSQ and $5.87EB from past purchase.

OOP Total: $1.72

-I gotback $10 EBfor the PF and $1eb for reusable bag—had trouble geting the $15 EB because it did not print automatically and manager said it was because i had to spend $15 to get the $15 bucks—which I said ad does not state any amount to spend, he would only give me $10—I already contacted CVS waiting for response.

Trans #2
-Colgate Toothbrush $1.19
used $1 CVSQ

-Snickers $.75

-(2) Ritz To Go Cups $1 each got 2 =$2
used $1MFQ

-Colgate 360 toothbrush $2.99

-(2) Crest Mouth wash $3.99 eachx2= $7.98
used $1CVSQ

Total before coupons=$14.91 before tax.
with coupons and $11EB for past tran.
OOP Total=$1.03 incl tax

recieved$8.75 EB for next purchase.
Total amount worth of product that I bought at SALE prices was $24.30 before tax, my OOP was $2.75 including tax. Thats a 89% savings!!!!


-(2) Indiana Popcorn $1.99×2= $3.98
used (2) $1MFQ

-(2) Ecotrin pills 2/$3
used $1.50 MFQ

-First Aide Gel $7

Total =$13.98 before tax
used $6 RR from past tran.
oop total=$5.26 with tax

Recieved $9 RR, I saved 60%. Got $13.98 of product for $5.26.

Rite Aide

-(4) Palmolive Dish soap .94cx4=3.76

-(2) Renuzit .94×2=$1.88

-(2)Purex Fabric Softner B1Gfree $5.69

-Always Radiant pads $3.99
used $1MFQ

-Tampax Radiant $3.99
used $2MFQ

total before coupons=$19.31 befre tax
used $13 Up rewards
OOP total=$5 icludin tax

with $6 up R remain, that is a 79%savings!!

in total I bought $57.59 not including tax of product at SALE prices!!!! I only paid$13.01!!!! Yeah!!!!

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