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I special ordered these from CVS last week and they finally arrived!.. I ordered 40 but only got 36 because of how they come shipped in. So I got a rain check for the other 4. I am missing 6 because family members have taken them!.. My purchase was..

36 Softsoap-$0.99 each
1 Swiss Lemonade-$0.89 (not pictured)

Used (18) coupons that were $2.00 off of 2.. One coupon had to be adjusted to $1.64 and I also used a ECB that was $0.99 which had to be adjusted to $0.89.



According to my receipt, I saved $144.53!!

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9 thoughts on “SoftSoap!!”

  1. Austin Raths says:

    how early should I special order any items that I would like during a sale? My CVS is ALWAYS out of every deal I try to get. I did get a raincheck for my Softsoap but so far they still haven’t restocked.

  2. Anna Tonkin says:

    iv been trying to get free soap for a while and I have not had any luck! Iv got $1/1 for the 8 oz or larger but its only the 7.5 oz that I can find for $1 :p

  3. wow that is one of the best deals I’ve seen! Congrats!!!

  4. alexandra says:

    very nice! where was the softsoap coupon from? i missed out on this deal but oh well!

    • Thanks!.. I believe the coupon came out on 10/30.. it was $2.00 off of 2.. I purchased the coupons from Ebay.

      • Amanda Harding says:

        It was a regional coupon. I purchased mine off ebay as well, but mine never came in time (still haven’t received them.) I ordered them on Sunday morning so I’m really upset about it. First and last time w/ ebay -.-

        • Lorie Walden says:

          Ive had Good luck on ebay with buying coupons, But you Have to check the shipping, estimated delivery….I wont buy them off ebay if they dont ship Fast…

          • Anonymous says:

            i was thinking about using ebay for these as well because i missed out on this deal and i was wondering does this softsoap come on sale alot. i mean this site says you figure out a time line on couponing. what does everything think. would it be a good move? thanks in advance

            • Softsoap by me goes on sale for $0.99 every 2-3 months at various stores – CVS, HyVee, Target, Kmart, etc. I used up the coupons that I had from this insert so don’t know the expiration date on them (maybe into January is I recall correctly). Guess whether or not you purchase them depends on how risk-taking you’re willing to be in terms of potentially wasting them.