2 pkgs. of Oreos double stuffed $1.50/ea.
-price match from Safeway 2/$5
-mfr coupon $1/2
-checkout 51 $1/2

White Cloud Green Earth Toilet Paper 6ct triple rolls. $2.68. ($0.45/roll)
-reg price $4.18
-mfr coupon $1.50/1

2 Pillsburry Grands flaky biscuits $1.18/ea
-reg 1.68/ea
-mfr coupon $1/2

2 Oral B Toothbrushes. $0.75/ea
-reg price $1.50/ea
-mfr coupon $1.50/2

2 boxes Wheat Thins $1.50/ea
-reg price $2/ea
-checkout 51 $1/2

Venus breeze disposable razors 2ct. $4.47
-reg price $7.97
-mfr coupon $2/1
-checkout 51 $1.50/1

2 Scotch-Brite sponges $0.46/ea
-reg price $0.96/ea
-mfr coupon $1/2

2 packages fun size candy 6ct. $0.50
-reg price $1/ea
-mfr coupon $1/2

3 bottles Bulls-Eye BBQ Sauce $0.99/ea
-price match from Safeway sale

2 boxes Milkbones $1.75/ea
-reg price $2.25/ea
-mfr coupon $1/2

Total $25.40. I know this is no freebee or extremely outrageous deal, but these were things on our grocery list (maybe not the candy lol), I have just started this couponing this week so this is really good for me to say I saved over $15 at Walmart when I used to pay full price for everything 😀. Still awaiting Walmart savings catcher results.


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3 thoughts on “Some savings from Walmart”

You did good for that been your first time . You saving money that’s all that matters .




You did awesome. You are saving money congratulations.