Bought two Irish spring body washes at $3.99 and BOGO
Bought two Jennie O turkey sausages at $3.59 and BOGO
And one Loreal hair treatment on sale for $3.99

Used two publix coupons for $1.00 off Irish spring
Used one mfr coupon for $1.00 off Irish spring (could have used two but I used the rest last week at CVS😭)
Used two mfr coupons for $1.00 off Jennie O
Used one mfr coupon for $3.00 off Loreal advanced haircare
And got lucky, there were $1.00 off Loreal haircare coupons being dispensed from SS in the aisle at publix

Spent $2.57
Saved $19.58


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2 thoughts on “stacking coupons at publix!”

So you used a store coupon for a different size than the one you purchased and TWO manufacturer’s coupons on ONE L’Oreal… talk about coupon fraud!


um… No publix had signs saying to use their in store coupon on the shelf, if there were any fraud about it the register would not have accepted the coupon. And regardless, this app is supposed to be a fun way for people to inform others on how to get great deals so maybe take that negativity elsewhere?


So where did you get the Irish Spring Publix $1 off coupons. I only noticed that a coupon for Irish Spring body was is in the Purple Advantage Flyer but that particular coupon is only on 32 oz bottles of Irish Spring. So if you happened to use that coupon that would not be right since the body wash bottles at Publix that are on sale are just 15oz bottles I think.


They were attached to the bottle