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Stocked up on Drinks, great savings for me!!


I went by Smiths and Walmart yesterday and I was able to get lot of drinks for the summer. I had coupons for most of it but Smiths ws also doing the deal where if you bought 10 items they took off 4 dollars.I also price matched some items at Walmart. At Smiths I bought:
16 Koolaid/country time drink mix jars
8 Kraft BBQ sauce
3 Capri suns
Sun Drop soda
4 Pepsi products get 2 Free
2 Velveeta Macaroni shells
2 pkg of meat
2 pkg of Kraft singles
3 pkg of spaghetii
2 Peppridge Farm goldfish
@ Walmart I got 2 Finish 20 ct gelpacks
and 5 Starbuck refreshers for free

There was still plenty of Kool-aid and Country time left on the shelves and there was still a display full of them in the aisle.
At Smiths I paid only 30 dollars and Walmart I paid 3.04.

Never miss a coupon, deal or freebie again!

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