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Stuff for baby and free chocolate for mama!


Store: Rite Aid
Date: July, 17, 2012
Location: So Cal
Customers: 2 adults and 2 children

My family and I went to Rite Aid today, I needed to get some new sippy cups and I saw the baby deals, so I decided to give it a go;

All Playtex, J&J and Desitin were BOGO 50% off
1 Playtex 2 pk Sippy Cups $8.99
2 J & J Body washes $4.49 and $2.24
1 J & J Baby Bar soap $1.39
4 Milky Ways 2 for $1

3- $1/1 off any J & J baby bath
2- $1/2 Milky Way
2- $5 Ups

Subtotal $4.11 + $1.50 tax= $5.61
Got back $5 Ups

So not the best, but we needed those sippy cups and body wash this week. Oh yeah, I got me some free chocolate!

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