On Savingstar if you spend $15 on enjoy life products you get $4 back..awesome! They have “boosters” where you can share your email and subtract a dollar from the $15 you have to reach. Doing this 3 times makes me only have to reach $12, and on checkout 51 there are several rebates on the same products! I was able to get 3 chocolate bars, a pack of chocolate chip cookies and a pack of s’mores treat bars hitting right under the $15 mark. If you use all 3 rebates on checkout 51 there is an extra dollar bonus. I had 2 1.50 off coupons on my items and with the $4 savings made it really cheap. And as an added bonus Publix’ policy worked in my favor.. The chocolate chip cookies rang up the wrong price, making them free!


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One thought on “Super cheap enjoy life products at Publix!”

Wow, you got lucky with the wrong price, I forgot that some stores make it free if wrong price.
But a heads up for others who might try this deal. Saving Star “booster”, one of the three, is only if you buy the muffin/brownie type MIX thing which is about $8. Then there is a printable $1.50 off 2 (search their website) if you don’t find the peelies…. but both types of coupons state on products at least $3…. couldn’t use them on the chocolate bars. For those wondering…. chocolate bars are about $1.50, cookies are about $3.80 and snack bars are about $3.30.
I also had a $2 Ibotta rebate on any Enjoy life… particular stores only.